Campervan Insulation

Campervan Insulation


So you’ve got your van, and have decided to make your dreams a reality and start converting it. Of course, as with any project, there is usually a good place to start, which in our opinion is good-quality insulation and lining.

We offer a range of high-performance acoustic and thermal campervan insulation products to suit all campervan and motorhome applications. As well as an interior lining service following the insulating process.

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Here’s how it works:

After we receive your van we carry out a final clean down to ensure that all of the surfaces inside the van are prepared and ready for us to work with.

Once prepared we start by applying a sound membrane to all single-skin areas of the van (Excluding the front doors) which acts as the first stage of protection to reduce or eliminate the drumming of the van’s side panels. This is followed by the thermal barrier which is applied on top

Next up the cavities of the wall and door spaces are filled with 100% recycled bulk insulation, giving your campervan its main thermal barrier while removing as much of the remaining road noise as possible.

To finish off the insulation process we install CNC-cut plywood panels, which we cut to size in our workshop, to the sides and doors of the van. This allows us to give you a perfect base to obtain a crisp and smooth lining finish when you’re ready for it.

Finally, once everything is fixed in place we tape any and all joints and holes left in the van, giving the neatest finish possible and will help you avoid any dips or creases if you decide on a carpet lining your van.

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